About The Flex Tent Company

The Flex Tent Company is a subsidiary of Event Labor Works, a tent installation and event logistics company since 1990. In 2011, the Flex Tent Company introduced these unique and versatile Australian-made coverings to the North American market. Quick to install and highly portable, Flex Tents are fully engineered and flame certified.
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Quick Facts

  • All tents come with a two-year global waterproofing warranty (100% waterproof single layer fine knit composite fabric with penetrating carbon polymer coating on both sides)
  • Impregnated (not coated) with fire retardant chemicals and fire rated to the highest safety standards
  • UV stabilized by Fluorocarbon impregnation
  • Perfect 4 way stretch and memory return
  • Anti-microbial application (viral, bacterial, fungal)
  • Strongest machine welded edges and seams
  • Breaking load of 1000KN per 5cm strip
  • Exceptionally lightweight at 480g/m2
  • Dirt repellent and machine washable up to 65C
  • Brandable – fully printable with dye sublimation, digital or screen printing. Custom sizes, colors and Pantone (PMS) matching, with a wide range of single or two-tone colors.
  • Chic and elegant leather-esque look and feel. Fabrics range from fully opaque to slightly translucent, allowing as much or as little sunlight through as you require.
  • Attaches to existing structures; houses, barns, clearspan tents, frame tents and truss systems. Great on uneven surfaces, in backyards and patios.
  • No limit to how one might decorate the space under a flex tent. Poles have no fixed position and are adjustable, allowing for complete control of placement and height.

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Flex Tents are compact, easy to transport and no heavy equipment is required for their installation.
The standard Flex Tent Package includes:

  • Tent
  • Poles
  • Carabiners
  • Rope
  • Tarps
  • Polecaps
  • Eyebolts

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Flex Tents in Action

  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents
  • FlexTents

Purchasing a Flex Tent

Thinking about buying a Flex Tent? Our product manager would be happy to walk you through the process and help you determine the best product for your use. Unlike purchasing a traditional tent, Flex Tents can have multiple square footages. Are you considering a Flex Tent for a single event use or multiple uses? Our tents are versatile, so let us assist in choosing the Flex Tent that will be most useful to you.

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Inventory For Rent

  • Stretch Tent – Red———————————6M x 9M
  • Stretch Tent – Red———————————15M x 25.7M
  • Stretch Tent – Camo——————————-6M x 9M
  • Stretch Tent – Green——————————12M x 15.5M
  • Stretch Tent – Silver Grey————————16.5M x 15.8M
  • Stretch Tent – Silver Grey————————6M x 9M
  • Stretch Tent – Silver Grey————————3M x 6M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————-6M x 9M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————10M x 15M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————10M x 19.5M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————15M x 15M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————15M x 19.5M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————12M x 12M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————12M x 12M
  • Stretch Tent – Chino——————————12M x 12M
  • Stretch Tent Gutter – Silver Grey————–6M
  • Stretch Tent Gutter – Chino———————10M
  • Stretch Tent Gutter – Chino———————19.5M
  • Stretch Tent Gutter – Chino———————30M