For more than 20 years, ELW has provided skilled labor for hundreds of events, from Formula 1 VIP areas to cross-country car launch tours, to constructing the largest tent ever built in the world, to building a semi-permanent tent in the Arctic to be used by research teams.

Some of our recent clients include:

  • Inventaworld, Canada
  • Karl’s Tent and Event Services, USA
  • Classic/Prime Event Group, USA
  • Shelter Structures, USA
  • Universal Fabric Structures, USA
  • ClearSpan, USA
  • Apex Tents, Vancouver, BC
  • Fiesta Tents, Montreal, Quebec
  • Tower Scaffolding, Canada
  • Go Canada
  • Röder Germany
  • DO & CO
  • RTS, Montreal
  • Sur-Loc Flooring
  • Party-To-Go, New York City
  • Peterson Party Center, Boston, MA
  • Windswept Entertainment, Latrobe, PA
  • EventQuip, Philadelphia, PA
  • Cavalia, Canada/USA
  • Nussli, Canada/USA
  • Shelter Logic
  • Brand Momentum, Canada
  • Absolute Tent and Event Services, Toronto
  • Advanced Tent and Event Group, Canada
  • 7 Communcations, Canada
  • Pure Energies, Canada
  • Octane Management, Canada
  • Mediasystems, Canada


When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit New Orleans in 2005, emergency rescue and relief workers rushed to the city to help. But with all of the destruction and flooding, there were few buildings to house them. ELW helped build the tent cities that became their temporary home, and we made film about the experience of living in the post-Katrina devastation. You can watch it here.

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