Service Offering

ELW is here to take the guesswork out of your event execution. Our workers, located across North America, have extensive and diverse experience in all aspects of event labor. These workers are insured, professional, fast, efficient and able to provide solutions to complicated projects.

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  • Tent Installation
  • Permanent Installations
  • General Labor
  • Event Experiences

ELW installers are experienced in mounting a variety of fabric structures. From preliminary site evaluations, to taking all of the necessary precautions to ensuring that the structure is erected safely and efficiently, we are able to provide full-service, turnkey solutions, or a team of installers to work under your site supervisor.

Some of the common structures that ELW installers are highly experienced building include:

  • Box beam frame-supported tents (clearspans)
  • Pole-supported tents
  • Pipe-frame supported tents
  • Bail-ring tents
  • Big-top tents
  • Tensile structure rental tents
  • Temporary event structures that extend from existing structures
  • Flex tents

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Fabric structures are becoming more frequently used to replace brick and mortar buildings in many different environments. Proper installation of these longstanding installations is imperative to preserve your investment, and maintain the structural integrity needed for the safe and proper functioning of the structure.

ELW has specialized installers who have undergone a comprehensive training program focused on mounting these kinds of permanent installations, and to ensure that their installation meets and exceeds manufacturer's requirements.

Whether your needs are for a minor repair requiring fabric welding, or for an all-encompassing installation, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Even in the harshest environments and climates, our team of seasoned professionals will ensure your investment is well protected.

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When executing an event, attention to details is vital. Our insured ELW general labor teams are able to complete assigned tasks quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standards. Our teams can execute your projects independently, allowing you to focus on other demanding aspects of producing your event

We also have a team of dedicated tradeshow specialists, experienced in a wide variety of common manufactured displays, as well as custom projects, including:

  • Display assembly
  • Flooring installation
  • Fencing
  • Interiors
  • Custom systems
  • Scaffolding installation
  • And much more...

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Creating an exceptional event isn’t only about tents, and our workers are here to ensure that every labor aspect of your event preparation is taken care of efficiently, professionally, cost effectively and on time.

  • Installation services
    ELW installers tackle displays, interior decorating, flooring, scaffolding, seating, site maintenance and so much more.
  • Transport, Material Handling and Logistics
    We get your custom equipment to the event site in perfect condition using the fastest, safest and most economical route. Whether this is a one-off event or a 20-city cross-country tour, we’ll transport your products safely.
  • Customized Structures
    New tent offerings are launched every season. We’ve spent the last 20-plus years in this industry, and know which tent will work best for you. We partner with a variety of manufacturers and are in the unique position to match your needs with cutting-edge options.
  • Venue/Tent Selection and Permitting
    Through our extensive network of event partners and installation experts, we can guide you through all challenges, hidden costs and potential dangers of your project. ELW knows the best type of tent for any environment, condition or location.
  • Power, Lighting, Audio/Visual and HVAC Services
    ELW works with partners across North America to ensure your event looks and sounds as great as you imagined it would, no matter how extensive and intricate your lighting, AV and HVAC needs may be. We can create the exact ambiance your artistic director envisions.
  • Project Management
    Do you need someone to take care of your project as if it were their own? ELW can do that for you. We have an in-house project management team to help build your experience from the ground up. Our extensive knowledge can save you time and money.

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